My father, Michael Reichardt, is a full-time professional artist, working primarily in watercolours and acrylics. He was born in Winnipeg on September 12, 1926. He studied at The Forum Art Institute in Winnipeg for 9 years, and has painted in his own studio for over 15 years, working primarily on commissions. His first one man show was held in October, 1992. His subjects of choice include landscapes, old log cabins, and buildings of all kinds, including houses, churches and lodges.

A number of his paintings can be found on walls in Omaha NE, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Powell River BC.

For more information on Michael Reichardt's work, please contact him at:

You can also check his website, The Michael C. Reichardt Gallery

Featured below are some of my Dad's paintings. Click on each for a larger view:

"Water Lilies
Leo Mol Sculpture Garden"
Watercolour, 15"x 22"
© 1998 Michael Reichardt
"Fruit and Flowers"
Watercolour, 22"x 15"
Copyright © 1998 Michael Reichardt
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