New Haven/New York City Oct/Nov 2002
Here is the first batch of pictures from my Oct/Nov 2002 trip to New Haven and New York. I have given up
trying to load Gallery, and will live with this for now, because I am lazy and worn out.
The coding for this page was stolen borrowed modeled after one on Kelly's page.

Archie Moore's in New Haven, great pub food and atmosphere. archie.jpg

Archie Moore's, in New Haven.

The leaves in the New Haven area were usually down by Nov 1st, but this time many were still on the trees.  The colours were outstanding.  curb.jpg

Leaves by the curb in Sleeping Giant State Park, Hamden CT.
Why does this picture seem upside down?

Reflection in Sleeping Giant State Park.

sitting in a pile of leaves in Sleeping Giant State Park,
across the street from Quinnipiac University, Hamden CT

42nd Street, NYC. You can see the sign for Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum,
which I have passed by many times, because EasyInternet Cafe is right next door to it.
Notice The Lion King is playing up the street on the left,
and the musical 42nd Street is on the right.

Colourful storefront

The utterly enchanting and delightful Diane and Leo Dillon, friends dear to my heart.
The walls in my home are covered with their prints and poster. Before we went for dinner on Nov 6th.

Empire State Building, looking north on 5th Avenue at 21st Street

The brilliant and hilarious comedian and writer, Al Franken, and I, after his performance at Joe's Pub on Nov 4th. He is one of my favorite comedians and political satirists. I've read his three books, including his new one, and he has a long history of association with Saturday Night Live. The woman taking my picture didn't do the best job. Plus, a little airbrushing (so to speak) makes me look almost normal (see the Dillon picture above).

Store sign near 3rd Ave and 22nd Street (I think).

Two of New York's finest, on 42nd Street.

The subway station at Ground Zero is still called World Trade Center.