Movable Type System Check [mt-check.cgi]

This page provides you with information on your system's configuration and determines whether you have all of the components you need to run Movable Type.

System Information:

Checking for Required Modules:


Your server has CGI installed (version 2.80).

HTML::Template (version >= 2)

Your server has HTML::Template installed (version 2.8).


Your server has Image::Size installed (version 2.93).

File::Spec (version >= 0.8)

Your server has File::Spec installed (version 3.40).


Your server has CGI::Cookie installed (version 1.20).

Checking for Data Storage Modules:

Some of the following modules are required by the various data storage options in Movable Type. In order run the system, your server needs to have either DB_File, or else DBI and at least one of the other modules installed.


Your server has DB_File installed (version 1.82).

DBI (version >= 1.21)

Your server has DBI installed (version 1.625).


Your server has DBD::mysql installed (version 4.022).

DBD::Pg (version >= 1.32)

Either your server does not have DBD::Pg installed, the version that is installed is too old, or DBD::Pg requires another module that is not installed. DBI and DBD::Pg are required if you want to use the PostgreSQL database backend. Please consult the installation instructions for help in installing DBD::Pg.


Your server has DBD::SQLite installed (version 1.37).


Your server has DBD::SQLite2 installed (version 0.33).

Checking for Optional Modules:

The following modules are optional. If your server does not have these modules installed, you only need to install them if you require the functionality that the module provides.


Your server has HTML::Entities installed (version 3.69).


Your server has LWP::UserAgent installed (version 2.001).

SOAP::Lite (version >= 0.5)

Your server has SOAP::Lite installed (version 0.52).


Your server has File::Temp installed (version 0.12).


Your server has Image::Magick installed (version 6.72).


Your server has Storable installed (version 2.20).


Your server does not have Crypt::DSA installed, or Crypt::DSA requires another module that is not installed. Crypt::DSA is optional; if it is installed, comment registration sign-ins will be accelerated. Please consult the installation instructions for help in installing Crypt::DSA.


Your server has MIME::Base64 installed (version 3.08).


Your server has XML::Atom installed (version 0.16).

Movable Type System Check Successful

You're ready to go! Your server has all of the required modules installed; you do not need to perform any additional module installations. Continue with the installation instructions.