25 July 2005  

Please Stand By

:: One of the mothers-of-all-thunderstorms is nearing its peak in south Edmonton as I type this.

A number of people have written asking what's happened to PBD, where are the entries, why is the screen blank? Thank you to all who have written. I'm taking a short break, waiting for two things: a) Moveable Type 3.2, to see if the new features make it worth sticking with it for a while longer, and b) WordPress, and the knowledge and comfort zone to use it as the new blogging software for PBD and STLQ. STLQ, in any event, will become a WordPress blog sometime soon, as it will be moving to a server on campus that uses WordPress for its blogs.

I've also been busy with conferences, vacations, and visitors. Yesterday I finally finished some correspondence, and today am trying to catch up on 160+ e-mails. In a few days I'll be working backstage at the EFMF. So...please be patient with me, PBD will be back soon.

I do want to mention that I spent the last six weeks watching all three seasons, 37 episodes in total, of HBO's The Wire, a police drama set in Baltimore. It is a brilliant series, no surprise, given the pedigree of its creator, David Simon. Simon wrote the book on which my favorite series of the 90s, Homicide: Life on the Street, was based. Each of the three seasons of [b]The Wire[/b] follows a small number of story arcs, and features an ensemble cast of some of the best character actors on screen, many of whom I recognized by face, but not by name. Each season focused on one major issue: drugs, working class, and city hall. Highly recommended.

The storm is over, skies are clearing. Maybe we'll see this tonight.

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