08 October 2004  

Sleep, Data....Sleep

:: I'm in Winnipeg. My cousin Barbara's wedding is tomorrow (Oct 9th, not the 7th). Tonight is a dinner at Tony and Claire's house, a veritable feast of Dutch-Indonesian culinary delights, including Nasi Goreng and rijstaffel. Claire notes here that she is cooking for 17 (or 18), and the ensemble tonight includes a number of her friend as well. The edible hedgehog is a durian, resembling some kind of mutated pineapple thingee.

I've been sleeping and/or napping a lot here. Probably my body trying to catch up on days weeks months years of lost sleep. I took my folks to see Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. Michael Moore has two new books out, one being The Official Fahrenheit 9/11 Reader, the other being a collection of letters sent to him from soldiers, entitled Will They Ever Trust Us Again?. The latter has received mostly positive reviews on the Amazon site, but the most telling has to be the one written by Andrew Balthazor, an Iraqi war vet, whose writing appears in the book.

:: Speaking of Amazon, I ordered four items today: this, this, this and this. Speaking of this, there is a good interview with and write-up on Paul Westerberg on the CNN site. And another 70s band is reuniting. When the hell is Wang Chung getting back together, dammit!

There seems to be a pop culture explosion of late, of stuff that I'd like to have. I need another nap.

Posted by Randy at October 8, 2004 03:37 PM | TrackBack

As you probably observed, rijstaffel is the whole spread, not a single decoration/dish.

Posted by: Claire at October 10, 2004 03:16 PM

Yes indeed, I watched and learned. Thank you again for an amazing dinner and company. I enojoyed meeting your friends, cool people all.

Posted by: randy at October 10, 2004 04:49 PM

Did you eat any of the durian melon? I could never get past the smell of the offending fruit to eat it!

Posted by: cdc at October 12, 2004 02:29 PM

No, I couldn't. I tried poking it with a fork, that was about the best I could do.

Posted by: randy at October 14, 2004 08:59 PM
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